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The CMO had a shooting get together on the 8th of September.

Sorry it took so long to post information ... Puter problems... And the recent tragic events...

In all we had 8 shootist' meet and plink away. Most of the shooting was done to just sight in, test our marksmanship, and do some Chrony work.

Rick Kossoidji brought his new Excalibur. Wow what a nice piece. 22 cal. shot at 750 FPS with 14.5 gr pells, and got about 40 shots. This weapon has an 8 shot cylinder, and cycles beautifully. Very pleasing to the eye, and not that expensive. It shot well too!
Rick Said after the CMO shoot in Middletown He was sore for a week (He used a pump up) and had to look into a PCP... I think he made a good choice in the Excalibur.

Steve Wray was our gracious host, and provided a nice place to shoot at his farm. The CMO thanks you Steve for the shooting fun! Don Clark made it from Richmond, and shot most of the weapons there. He let all know that he had a wonderful time.

Two youngsters , friends of Steve shot Crosman Co2, and had a a lot of fun. They liked the silent 2002 ZM that Thom brought. It, BTW, seemed to work OK for most of the day, I think the problem was just bad air LOL).

The Shootist of the Day (He got to take home the CMO trophy) was Bruce Lampling.. His Son, Keith, took second place in the can mangling contest.

Every one got Chrony reading for their guns, and most every one shot two or three other guns as well.

The Day was spent shooting some F/T targets.. man that crow at 35 yards was tough!!, C/D's and paper. It was a bit too wet and windy to go out into the field, and targets
missed all had piles of lead to the left of the targets noting that the wind was blowing right to left all day with some gusts up to 25+ mph.

For those interested, we will be having a fun shoot with F/T targets on Oct. 21 at the Middletown Sportmens club. It is good place to shoot. Hope you all can join us there. Camping is available for $10.00 a nite.
Elec, water, aand showers are available.

Sorry I forgot to bring my camera, so no pics are available.



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